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HAGA,Takashi Photo Exhibition 「Layer」

2018/3/16(Fri) – 2018/3/22(Thu)
AM 10:00- PM 19:00 (Entrance 10 mins before 16:00, close at 16:00 on the last day)

Fuji Film Photo Salon Tokyo Space 1 ( In Fuji Film Square)Free Entrance
Size (B1, A3), Colour 60 pieces

Anime, Manga, Video game… My life was without having a connection to the part of Japanese culture. Then, one day, I encountered the young people who are called「Cosplayers」by chance and I started to be involved as a photographer.

I was asked to shoot for a photography work. It was a shooting of some scenes from Anime and Manga which were reproduced into a three-dimensional world, then my curiosity grew towards “themselves” as being ”Cosplayers”, I started to catch their “portrait” during the shooting.

Anime/ Manga, the culture originated in Japan that is beloved in the world and it even became the icon of the Olympic. Cosplay, the new method of expression which was born in the culture and matured beyond the framework of sub-culture.

I strongly see the “Japanese-mind” in them which was inherited through the centuries in this country when I find the expression that uses their hands, completes themselves by making things.

I captured portrait of young artists.

Guest Gallery Talk (From 15:00-)
3/18 (Sun) Photographer Mr. TAKUMA,Kunihiro
3/21 (Wed. National Holiday) Photographer Mr. KOMIYAMA,Katsura



2018年3月16日(五)~ 3月22日(四)
上午10點~晚上7點(展期最後一天只到下午4點,最後進場時間為結束的 10分鐘前)

會場 : 富士軟片攝影沙龍 東京 SPACE1
作品數 : 尺寸(B1・NP全紙・半切)、全彩,約60幅





展場座談: 3月18日、21日、兩日下午3點起
18日 摄影师 TAKUMA,Kunihiro
21日 摄影师 KOMIYAMA,Katsura